New for 2016

Highlights include:

bergenia-pacumbisBergenia pacumbis ‘Green Monstah’  The best clone we’ve ever produced of this easy but imposing deciduous species, named for the equally imposing Fenway park feature, and pronounced with your best New England twang. Last year we sold out before listing.  This year we’re already sold out for spring, but please pester for summer/fall.


IMG_0411Cardiandra x agricola A shameless emulation of Crug Farm’s original, though still commercially unavailable, cross of Cardiandra alternifolia and Cardiandra formosana  Unlike Crug’s formulation, these have the less hardy C. formosana as the seed parent.  Amazing flower production, with late summer bloom continuing on to frost.  Frost free areas may see winter-long bloom.


Hydrangea 'Fire on the Mountain'Hydrangea ‘Fire on the Mountain’ We’ve been playing with H. serrata types for a few years now, looking for selections with Coleus-like foliage color.  This is an incredibly dark selection, with all new growth deeply pigmented, even through to the back of the leaf – certainly darker than any available other’s.   Older foliage does go a dusky green; flowers are reminiscent of ‘Kiyosumi’.

IMG_0251Salvia glabrescens ‘Autumn Equinox’ One of two (see below) selections from crosses between S. glabrescencs and S. glabrescens var. robustum, incorporating the sturdy, upright,  habit of the former with the greater height and flower size of the latter.  This plant is taller than the cv. ‘Shi ho’, with larger, more distinctly bi-colored flowers.

Salvia 'Autumn Enchanter' Salvia glabrescens ‘Autumn Enchanter’
This selection of the Makino sage has more richly, orchid pink, colored flowers, and is a tidy, upright plant, in contrast to the sprawling stems of ‘Momobana’.


Salvia ‘Rolling Thunder’ Chinese woodland sages have Salvia 'Rolling Thunder'been of interest here for a few years, both for their valuable, often late-season flowering, and their odd cultural quirks.  Many are short lived, but they hybridize readily to produce longer-lived, easier garden plants.  As they only flower in their second year, the process/progress has been slow.  This is a remarkable foliage plant, the result of a three way cross between Salvia omeina ‘Crug Thundercloud, Salvia flava var. megalantha and Salvia nubicola.  Large, ruffled leaves with deep purple undersides, and nubicola-esque flowers atop 3′ stems.


Sanguisorba 'Pacific Pewter'Sanguisorba ‘Pacific Pewter’ Trans-Pacific fusion of the U.S. Pacific Northwest native Sanguisorba menziesii and the Japanese S. hakusanensis.  Stunning pewter blue foliage, and an abundance of pendant, plummy-pink tassels mid through late summer.