New for 2012

Highlights include:

Amicia zygomeris ‘John’s Big Splash’  We lusted after this for years, and were delighted when it survived the bare-rooting/inspection ordeal in 2010.  It’s a nails-on-chalkboard variegated delight, with the random yellow splashed foliage clashing with the red stipules.  Not for all, and not till late spring, and then only a few.


Arisaema consanguineum  Seneca Hills #3   A parting gift from friend Ellen Hornig, formerly proprietor of the late, great Seneca Hill Perennials.  This is a sister clone to ‘Wild Blue Yonder’, and a stunner it is, with dramatic silver   centered leaflets, seductively undulating margins and long drip- trips. Cultivar name soon forthcoming…..


Bergenia ciliata Great Dixter Form We acquired this plant a few years ago thanks to the great kindness of Fergus Garrett,  and are taken by what a departure it is from the usual clone: huge,  densely hairy, pet-able, foliageAs is so often the case, the best forms come from the best gardens.



Boehmeria nipononivea ‘Solid Gold’  Our name for this solid yellow foliage form of false nettle.  We received this plant without a cultivar name from Asiatica Nursery as being “yellow margined”, but it has always been solid yellow here.  We’re guessing it probably has a valid name like ‘Ogon’, so this name should be considered provisional.  Far more vigor than one might imagine, and splashy red petioles, too!


Kniphofia ‘Cool Knip’  Tall and late blooming, this Knip’s cool yellow flowers are a great contrast to autumn’s warmer tones, though memorable here this past year in compliment to Ceratostigma griffithii, Salvia uliginosa, Helianthus ‘Carine’, and Cestrum parqui. From Ginny Hunt, via Ellen Hornig. Large plants, though slow to divide, so only a few.