New for 2017: We are hoping 2017 brings a quantitative leap in propagating some of the breeding backlog, with additional Hydrangea, Salvia and other offerings for Autumn. Full 2017 list coming soon.  More immediate highlights:

Bergenia ‘Size Queen’ Bergenia suffer a hackneyed reputation stateside, but the foliage of the deciduous spp. has our ineluctable ardor, especially in terms of seedling variation and breeding fun.  This is a Brobdingnagian bear of a plant, a cross between our B. pacumbis ‘Green Monstah’ and the B. ciliata passed around as Dixter Form, with enormous, hirsute  foliage. 


Cardiandra x agricola ‘Star Power’ We love Cardiandra alternifolia for the tasteful pink it brings to summer shade. This clonal selection from crosses here between C. formosana and C. alternifolia presents a less discreet display as it inherited the conspicuous sepal size of the former, not to mention great hybrid vigor, an upright habit and an extended floral season.  Sepal size matters.


Eucomis ‘Rhode Island Rooster’ A persistently streaky sport of our Eucomis ‘Rhode Island Red’ that we spotted a couple of years ago and have been bulking up.  Same size, same hardiness, more barnyard strut.. 



Salvia ‘Autumn Tryst’ A distinctive and spontaneous seedling of S. glabrescens and S. glutinosa from 2014 with the verve of lavender pink and pale yellow flowers and a robust, upright habit.  Late summer through autumn flowering and sterile, preferring the shade/part shade position of glabrescens, with the height and flower size of glutinosa.