Hydrangea aspera ssp sargentiana x involucrata

We’re a nano-nursery in Southeastern New England with an increasingly anachronistic horticultural approach: actively collecting, propagating and growing plants.  We focus on the under- cultivated and garden-worthy, and specialize in unusual perennials. We’re also breeding and selecting plants from diverse genera such as Kniphofia, Sanguisorba, Hydrangea, and Bergenia.

Kniphofia ‘Nose Job’ (pauciflora x ‘Toffee Nosed’)


We’re open strictly by appointment. As usual, though, we’ll be attending some regional plant fairs in 2014.   In May, we’ll be in Maryland at Ladew Gardens’ Garden Festival, and we’ll again be at Trade Secrets  in Connecticut, as well as part of a special Mother’s Day garden event at Sakonnet Garden in Rhode Island.  In June, we’ll be back at the North Hill Symposium in Vermont, and in July we’ll be back at Sakonnet for their symposium. We will round out the season at the fourth Hollister House/Garden Conservancy Garden Study Weekend in CT. We are always happy to bring along specific plants, if so requested.

Sanguisorba ‘Midnight’s Child’


We sold out of so many plants before the weather allowed us to update this spring that we decided to punt an updated list until 2015! Inquiries about specific plant availability are always welcome. The 2013 list remains for reference…


With two young children and a dog about the nursery, we employ strictly organic pest controls, and we’re striving to be peat free……

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